Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 10 - Nearly 3 months on the SCD!

Just wrapped up week 10 on the SCD this past Sunday! Got thrown a lil bit off track this past weekend but we're back on track and ready to drop the rest of the unnecessary pounds that are still lingering :) (we missed measurements and weigh-ins this week but will post updates on that next time)

So Joe & I launched cheat day a bit early this past weekend during our camping trip to Bend, TX, where we camped alongside the Colorado River for 3 days/2 nights. We had a great trip and enjoyed kayaking the river and hiking along side it. We were doing so well with our SCD during the trip consuming some delightful SCD meals like chicken, roasted onions and bell peppers with balsamic drizzled on top (see recipe below) till our camping buddies pulled out the s'mores :) So we decided that we would allow ourselves to indulge in a heavenly s'more or 2 a day in advance of our cheat day as we also enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate...then we launched our actual cheat day on Sunday afternoon when we returned from our trip. We figured that an exception was in order since we'd been going non-stop on the SCD for several months and have no intentions of quitting in the future, due to the great results we've seen :) All in all, no major set-backs due to our mild offenses - although I wouldn't recommend doing that unless you cannot possible avoid not cheating on your non-cheat day :)

Here's a great SCD recipe for the grill:

Balsamic Chicken & Veggies (serves 4)

- 3 lbs Organic, Free-Range Chicken Thighs
- 2 Red Bell Peppers - sliced
- 1 Yellow Onion - sliced
- Balsamic Vinegar
- Macadamia Nut Oil
- Sea Salt
- Italian Herb Blend

1) Season Chicken with macadamia nut oil, sea salt, and herbs.
2) Place Chicken on Grill and drizzle Balsamic Vinegar on both sides
3) Wait till Chicken is halfway cooked then add veggies and drizzle Balsamic on them as well
4) Remove Chicken & Veggies from grill and serve with black beans or lentils if desired

I also stumbled upon a great lentil blend at Whole Foods - it contains five or so different varieties of lentils - can be found in the WF section where you bag your own legumes/nuts/grains, etc... - cook with some sea salt and Mediterranean spice blend and enjoy!

So, here's what cheat day #10 looked like for us:

  • Balsamic Chicken & Veggies with Avocado
  • Black Ganoderma Coffee with Chocolate and Soy Creamer - basically a home-made mocha ;)
  • Mango Sorbet Yogurt with Mochi
  • 1/2 Blueberry Scone
  • GT's Trilogy Kombucha
Vindaloo Curry - Yes we went back to the Clay Pit ;)
  • Garlic & Basil Naan
  • Vindaloo Curry w/Lamb (extra-spicy) with/Basmati Rice
  • Sweet Leaf Tea: Half Lemonade/Half Tea
  • S'mores with Orange Dark Chocolate - mmmm!

    That's it for this week - Enjoying SXSW here in Austin! Share your SCD Recipes and progress with us!


  1. Yum! I'm still in the process of reading the book. I don't know if I can get Justin to join me because he hates vegetables, but we will see!

  2. Aww I hope you can get him to join you - it's easier when you both are eating the same things and not having to cook separate meals :) How's it going for you so far?