Saturday, January 22, 2011

Results (Wk 1 + 2)

Another week has flown by on the SCD - seems so normal now! And we have some results to share - and they are definitely good ones :)

Here are measurements 2 wks into the SCD (see post #1 for initial measurements):

  • Waist: 23.75"
  • Hips: 33.75"
  • R Bicep (flexed): 9.75"   L Bicep: 9.9"
  • R Thigh: 19"   L Thigh: 18.5"
  • Weight: 103.2 lbs
  • To-date inches lost: 2.35"  Pounds Lost: 1 lb
Joe (my husband):
  • Waist: 33.6"
  • Hips: 40.5"
  • R Bicep (flexed): 15.5"   L Bicep: 14.75"
  • R Thigh: 24"   L Thigh: 23.7"
  • Weight: 196.2 lbs
  • To-date inches lost: 5.2"  Pound Lost: 3.8lbs
As you can see this lifestyle is definitely doing its job! Joe has lost more than myself, but his goal was to lose 20 lbs and mine was to lose 10 lbs of fat and gain 5 lbs of muscle. It's definitely motivating to see results! Joe and I still need to get an official Body Fat measurement to see how we're progressing in that aspect. We hope to get the Dexa body composition scan done soon - although it is a bit pricy here in Austin! 

Tomorrow we'll be concluding our 3rd week on the SCD with another fulfilling cheat day! Among many delightful eats we plan to finish off a pint of mocha almond fudge soy ice cream and enjoy a gluten & dairy-free carrot cake with tofu cream cheese frosting! (i'm sensitive to gluten and dairy - that's why all the non-dairy and gluten-free stuff ;) Will let you know what all goes down in the next post!

I started Tim's section on Running Faster & Farther in the 4HB and took one day of this past week to focus on sprints - although I think I over did it with a mile of just sprints - my hamstrings are still sore! He has some great tips for learning to sprint and jump properly though, so I'm going to try applying them next week - just trying to get over a nasty cold right now! So more to come on that topic!

Another thing - Kombucha - so I know Tim mentions the importance of probiotics and drinking citrus Kombucha, so i've come to the conclusion this must be okay to drink during the SCD...I usually will have one bottle during the week and drink it over the course of 2 days - I get the GT's Organic Raw Citrus Kombucha - only has 2g of naturally occurring sugars - only fruit in it is lemon plus raw Kombucha and all sorts of wonderful probiotics :) 

Finally ordered Policosanol from Swanson's Healthcare products - only $4.29 - will let you know if I see major fat losses with the addition of this supplement - apparently its supposed dramatically increase fat loss when taken in addition to the AGG stack. 

Till next time!


  1. I am not sure about the Kombucha you are drinking but usually the Kombucha mushroom is grown in a black tea and white sugar medium so its really high in sugar... it also has some small amount of alcohol which is of course sugar as well...

  2. That's very interesting - i did not know that about Kombucha - will have to do more research. Like I mentioned, I drink the GT's Raw Organic Kombucha in the Citrus flavor - it only has 2g of sugar and I don't drink a whole bottle in one day (unless it's cheat day of course ;) I'm also not drinking this on a daily basis either, so I don't personally think it's going to make a huge difference on my weight loss, but it's really up to you ;) Thanks for your input!