Monday, April 4, 2011

Cheat Day #13 + Update

Hello again! So we did weigh-ins yesterday morning before indulging for cheat day and Joe has finally broken the 190 mark and is at 189.4 lbs!! He's definitely pumped up about that and his goal of 180 lbs is definitely feeling much closer! Like I said in my last post I finally made it down to 102.4 lbs - just 2.5 lbs away from my goal!

Anyways, here's a look at yesterday's cheat day...we started out at Upper Crust bakery then spent the afternoon on Lake Travis, and went up to one of the new restaurants at the Oasis for dinner...once again it was another day filled with lotsa sweets and squats!
Upper Crust Pastries

  • AM:
    • Hard-boiled Egg
    • AGG
    • Coffee infused with Ganoderma + a hint of Soy Creamer (Non-GMO, Organic) and Saigon Cinnamon
    • Grapefruit Juice
    • 1/2 Scone and 1/2 Cinnamon Roll from Upper Crust Bakery
  • Noon:
    • Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna Taco from Torchy's Tacos (mine)
    • Bushfire Taco + Democrat Taco (joe's)
    • Yerba Maté with Lemon
Sesame Ahi Tuna Taco from Torchy's

Joe's Pizza
  • PM:
    •  Dinner at Soleil:
      • Hummus + Pita Bread
      • Mahi Mahi w/Pesto sauce and Garlic Fries (mine)
      • White Cheese Pizza with Gorgonzola, Wild Mushrooms + Arugula - (Joe's)
    •  Late night Sweets:
      • Chocolate Peanut Butter Soy Ice Cream
      • 1/2 slice Carrot Cake
Hope you enjoyed your cheat day too!! Share your indulgences with us ;)

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